One day we decided to leave our positions in the financial industry and embark on the greatest adventure of our lives; create rich, creamy, 100% plant-based ice cream without artificial ingredients.

We were always clear that when developing our new passion, we would bet on making room for the good things by eliminating the bad. For this reason, we established 3 fundamental axes on which to develop our products and create our company.

At Pink Albatross we are clear about it, we want to be part of the end of an era of excessively industrialized food, so we have committed ourselves to contribute to promoting the re-discovery of the natural and the good in desserts. We work every day to maintain the pleasure of enjoying ice cream by creating more natural alternatives, more focusedon the good things in food and looking more for quality, instead of lowering costs. And above all, without using ingredients of animal origin. We achieve this by combining the best of crafts and industry through a careful selection of ingredients where quality and flavor prevail,and which concludes with standardized production processes that guarantee a creamy product. The result is an extraordinary ice cream in quality, texture and flavor (you will have to try it to confirm it!).


Taking a responsibility to our consumers by using recognizable ingredients that can be drawn.


Be a fan of quality and simplicity.


Create memorable flavors that help create moments of happiness in our consumers.

Our union as entrepreneurs arises from our own personal dissatisfaction, since we could not find desserts that were rich, had a “clean” list of ingredients (understandable and recognizable) and that were suitable for people with dietary restrictions.

We differentiate ourselves from other plant-based ice creamsby the intensity of our flavor and the creamy texture. The rigorous selection of our ingredients and suppliers is the key to the success of our ice creams. Well, that and that we are quite stubborn until we are 100% satisfied with our product.

"If you are one of those people who when you go shopping, turns all the containers to see if the ingredients are derived from animals, contain allergens or have unpronounceable names, or worse, have the letter "E"in capital letter followed by numbers, you're just like us."

I was born in Argentina. When I was 15 years old I emigrated to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, then to France, the United Kingdom and finally I ended up in Spain. I consider myself an adventurer; I have traveled for work or pleasure to about 30 countries, from New Zealand to Peru, India, Tanzania, through Indonesia or Russia. Tired of corporate life and not seeing my family because of work, I left my position and embarked on a search for a purpose that would help me fight for something better. and embarked on a search for a purpose that would help me fight for something better. My oldest daughter, Emma, has several food allergies and this led me to think about how to help her not feel left out by not being able to consume the same desserts as her friends or family. It was then that I met Luke. The rest is history.

I was born in India and have lived in London, New York, Venezuela, Peru, El Salvador, Panama and Spain. After experiencing the difficulty in finding products that fitted my vegetarian / vegan diet, I decided to create them. I am an advocate for animal rights and I see my work as a way to express my purpose and my principles. I am convinced that being able to choose between two options (plant-based version and animal version) when the quality, price and availability are similar, people will choose the plant-based version for its benefits. This is a vital project for me, offering high-quality alternatives so that people have greater decision-making power when buying.



We knew how important it was to baptize the brand with an attractive name, something that told a story that would not leave anyone indifferent and that was linked to three concepts: nature, discovery and adventure. After three days locked up, an idea came to light; tell our true story.

With thousands of miles behind us and having worked in half the planet, we have always made the world our home. Inspired by this idea, we found our other self in an animal with an international name, a seabird that is almost always out of its habitat due to the enormous distances it travels without rest (up to 1,000 kilometers a day).

With its dynamic glide and low heart rate, it can minimize the effort of traversing long distances. Being from Argentina and India and taking into account that we have found ourselves in the middle of those worlds (Spain), we immediately felt identified with this bird. When choosing a name, instead of exploring short and sonorous trendy names, and being true to our rebellious streak, we chose a long name that would last in time and in memory. We were inspired by the word Pink for its connotations of happiness in the English expression ‘as in pink cheeks’, to refer to someone with a happy and healthy appearance. A long, memorable and iconic name ready to change the rules of ice cream.