Frequently asked questions

  1. The taste and the texture! You have not tried ice cream like this in your life.
  2. 100% Plant-Based / Vegan. Who says you need cream in your ice cream?
  3. Clean-Label. All the ingredients we use are obtained by pressure, heat, fermentation or distillation. You won’t find artificial ingredients, flavor enhancers, colorants, or “E-s” here, just ingredients that you can draw.

Don’t you believe us? Buy a tub and see for yourself.

All our ice creams contain nuts and sesame and may contain traces of milk, soy, or peanuts (in the case of nuts flavors).

We have embarked on a project to eliminate or reduce as much as possible (to safe levels) the traces of lactose and soy and this entails important changes in the production line, in addition to doing analytical tests for each batch that is manufactured. We need time to implement this and we plan to do so throughout this year.

We are very particular about this since we understand the health risk that this can pose and until we are confident that we can eliminate or reduce the traces of lactose and soy as much as possible, we do not recommend the consumption of our ice cream for people who suffer. allergies to these ingredients.